Make your own Slime with Yuck!

Yuck Slime is simple, just add water and let the fun begin!

Kids love slime and Buckets-O-Fun has 4 different kinds!

Slime and kids go together! Surprise your kids with a slime event. They will love rolling around on a Slip-N-Slide covered in Saucy Yuck Slime, digging for marbles in Chunky Yuck Slime, grossing out at the snot-like feel of Sticky Yuck Slime, and having a ball playing in Snowy Yuck Slime even in July. All our Yuck Slime is non-toxic and eco-friendly. Make gallons of goo by just adding water!

Yuck Slime is Mom-Approved!

Yuck Slime is a gelatin-like slime that so simple to make, anyone can do it. Forget about those hard to follow recipes with questionable ingredients – Yuck Slime is simple and safe, no recipe or refrigeration needed, just add water. You can easily make large quantities of Yuck for any occasion!

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