Slime the Principal


  • Fast and Easy to Make
  • Just Add Water!
  • Kids love it
  • Use our Yuck Tints to add color
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Slime the Principal Kit

Is this you? The kids have met their goal and now the promised Slime the Principal Day is looming! And you’re in charge of the slime! Wouldn’t it be nice if there were an easy and safe way to make gallons of slime?

We can help make this easy and stress-free!

You could run around town snagging industrial-sized bottles of glue, and clearing the shelves of Borax.


You could kick back with Netflix and have slime delivered to your door, all you have to do is add water!
I know! Tough Choice


  • It can be made the same day.
  • Only 2 ingredients-Saucy Yuck Slime powder and water!
  • You don’t have to worry about the little fishies, all our slime is biodegradable* and ecofriendly.

*This doesn’t get you out of clean up, it takes a while so we recommend scooping it up and throwing
it in a dumpster.

What do I get in the Slime the Principal Kit?

  • 8 ounces of Saucy Yuck Slime-this will make about 20 gallons of SLIME!
  • Yuck Tint Tablets-The Saucy Yuck Slime is clearish, but with these you can make it green!
  • Instructions and ideas to make it fun.
  • FREE Games/Instruction booklet so you can see other ways to use our Yuck Slime products.
  • We also will throw in a FREE Yuck Sample pack of all 4 different types. Once your kids see it, they will
    want to play too. Field Day is coming up!

Favorite uses:

  • Try it on a Slip-N-SlideTM
  • Put a pinch in a water balloon
  • It can also be shot through a Yuckzooka for obstacle courses
  • Need to slime the principal or someone else?

Games/Instruction booklet will be included with your order, and make up your own!

FAQ’s (These are questions from real folks! We wouldn’t mess around when it comes to Slime the Principal Kit!)

How much slime do I need?

Well, how many kids will be pouring slime? Or will there just be a couple of people doing the pouring? Figure out how much slime you want poured by each person and go from there. Or call or message us and we’d be glad to help. (Did you notice we didn’t really answer that question?).


We’ve been asked if this will mess up your hair.?

Yes, yes it will. But it shouldn’t take out any color or perms. You won’t be able to rock those 80’s bangs afterwards, but that is probably a good thing.


Is the slime cold?

It will be unless you make it with warm water right before, which could be tricky. But your screams will further entertain the kids.


Can I make it the day before?

We have a simple answer for that. Yes.


How can I get it out of my clothes?

Well, first we recommend not wearing any! Before you X out of this page we mean wear bathing suits, shorts and tank tops. But we do recommend hamming it up with what you wear. It’s no problem to get it out of your clothes. Rinse off outside as much as you can, let them dry and then shake off the rest and launder as usual.
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Slime the Principal Kit
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