Snowy Yuck Slime


  • Non-Toxic & Eco-Friendly Product
  • Easy to make recipe & requires no refrigeration
  • Easy Disposal & clean-up!
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Snow in July? We can help! Let me introduce you to Snowy Yuck Slime! Just add water and you have instant snow. Sparkles and all. When Snowy Yuck is dry it has the consistency of sugar. Just add water and you’ve got slushy snow. It’s great for a Christmas in July party. It can be formed, but not hard packed. All Yuck Slime products are Non-Toxic and Eco Friendly.



  • Non-Toxic & Eco Friendly Product
  • Easy to make & requires no refrigeration
  • Use our Yuck Tints to color it. Yuck Tints are non-toxic and don’t stain clothes or skin.
  • Disposal-Just throw in the dumpster!

How much Snowy Yuck Slime do you need?

  • All of the Yuck Slime comes in the following quantities: 3 oz., 1 pound, 5 pounds, 25 pounds, and 50 pounds.
  • 3 oz. makes approximately 1 gallon
  • 1 pound makes approximately 25-40 gallons of Yuck, not water*
  • Please feel free to contact us if you need help figuring out quantities.

*This can vary a little due to the difference in mineral and chlorine content across the country. The purer the water the better hydration.

*MSDS (Manufacturer Safety Data Sheet) available on request.

Snowy Yuck Slime Favorite uses:

  • Try it on a Slip-N-SlideTM
  • Put a pinch in a water balloon

Games/Instruction booklet will be included with your order, and make up your own!

*MSDS (Manufacturer Safety Data Sheet) available on request.



Making Yuck:
Snowy Yuck-Start with your container. Add a little water, then pour in some Snowy Yuck Slime powder, mix. Continue adding Snowy Yuck powder and water to desired quantity. You can’t remove water so go slowly.

How do I clean up Yuck?
The best way is to shovel it, sweep it, and for the last of it a ShopVac works well. Have a bunch of buckets on hand to scoop out of pools. If you have used tarps washing them off with a hose works the best. Remember that wherever the Yuck lands will be slippery for a while, so clean off tarps into tubs for easy dumping. Then just throw it in the garbage can or dumpster. The Snowy is not slimy so it cleans up easily.

Request the Manufacturer Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) if anyone has any questions, or please call. It is in no way toxic and biodegrades.

Is Yuck Slime toxic in any way?
All of the Yuck Slime is non-toxic. Request the Manufacturer Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) if anyone has questions and concerns. The only reports we have had of allergic reactions were usually due to perfumes, laundry soaps, etc. that participants had on that may have bothered someone else. Very sensitive individuals should check with a doctor before playing in Yuck. This is very rare. The Yuck Tints ingredient list is located with the product info. Please call with any further questions.

How can I get it out of my clothes?
The Snowy Yuck Slime should fall right off of clothing. If not, first hose off as much as possible. Do not get Yuck in the shower/bath as it will clog the pipes, (it absorbs water and grows). Dry the clothes and then shake out well outside before laundering.

When should we make the Yuck if our event is at 7 pm on an 85 degree sunny day?
If you are using the Chunky Yuck you want to start it the night before. Heat does not affect Yuck for just one day.It is so dense that you will not have any dehydration. Otherwise, all the other Yuck Slimes can be made the same day.

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Snowy Yuck Slime
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 by Stephanie Meyer
Sloppy Saturday

Our youth group planned an all out messy event for our teens. We called it Sloppy Saturday. We had multiple stations of messy, slimy, yucky challenges and then we cleaned up with a Slip and Slide. I ordered the sample pack to see what it was. My kids and I had a blast playing with the different slimes in a trial run. I purchased a pound of each of the Sticky and Snowy Yuck Slime. We had used the Sticky Yuck slime colored with green and yellow food coloring in one challenge and the Snowy yuck for another. The leaders were all amazed at how easy it was to create the slime. The kids had a blast. To make the slip and slide a little more slippery some of the leaders dumped the slime on the tarp. I would definitely buy this again for a future event. FYI, The Sticky slime was used in a 4-4.5"baby pool fill about 1/3 high. We used the whole pound and what didn't get used of the pound of Snowy slime we also added to the pool.

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3-Ounce Snowy, 1-Pound Snowy, 5-Pound Snowy, 25-Pound Snowy, 50-Pound Snowy


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