The Original Finger Rocket

Heavy Duty #1 Top Rated Missiles

Top of the line in Finger Projectiles


Ready, aim, fire! These silly projectile Finger Rockets can fly up to 100 feet with perfect aim and a quick snap of the rubber band so it’s time to start practicing. Measuring nine inches in length with a stretchy band attached on the front, these Finger Rockets fit perfectly in your hand and are easily seen careening through the air with three aerodynamic fins. Update your traditional arsenal of group games like tag or dodge ball with a fun twist. We recommend that you invest in a modest foam weapon stockpile so that there’s at least one for everyone when the Finger Rocket war begins!

Add fun to every event, home or office party. Grab people’s attention! When you shoot someone, watch out, because they’ll immediately come after you, and then the fun begins! It’s best to have at least 1 per person, more is always better.


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