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General Questions & Help

What is Buckets-O-Fun?

Buckets-O-Fun (BOF) is a one stop shopping with unique products for the creation of fun-filled social and recreational events. Our customers include schools, corporations, youth groups, and many more. Families enjoy our products for birthday parties and family reunions. The goal of BOF is helping you build relationships, make memories and, of course, have fun! These principles are foundations in any group. Our customer service is readily available to provide creative ideas on how to use them most effectively.

Is it safe to make a purchase on

Yes! We want you to feel comfortable shopping with us. We have taken all the steps to ensure we are PCI Compliant and using secure server and payment technologies.

Do you offer any Discounts or Special Promotions?

We love to give you a good deal! The best way to stay in the loop on coupons and sales is to make sure you are on the email list. Quite often we only do a coupon for that list. The other important places would be Facebook and Instagram.

In the meantime, because we work with so many non-profit youth organizations we try to set our prices with your budgets in mind.

I was unable to find a product on your website, how can I find it?

Please email or call us at 1-800-223-6901. We like to keep products that people need and want, if something isn’t that popular we may discontinue it, but will gladly bring it back.

Yuck Slime Help

What is Yuck Slime?

Our Yuck Slime products are acrylic polymers. There are hundreds of these types of polymers out there, the most well known would be disposable diapers. But enough potty talk. Our products are made for us especially for use in games, where kids, (and adults! You aren’t left out around here!) can get in it and play safely.

How do I make Yuck Slime?

Chunky Yuck: Fill the container halfway with water at least 24 hours before your event. Throw in the Chunky Yuck Slime and check back on it later. It will immediately start absorbing water. Add more water if needed and let sit. It will grow to the size of machine ice cubes. You can always drain excess water out of the Chunky Yuck Slime. Makes about 25 gallons.

Saucy/Sticky/Snowy Yuck: These all mix about the same. Start with some water in the container add the product and mix, keep adding the product and mixing until the desired consistency. Saucy Yuck Slime makes 25-40 gallons per pound depending on how thin you want it. The Sticky Yuck Slime makes 8-10 gallons per pound and Snowy Yuck Slime makes about 20-25 gallons per pound.

More detailed instructions and game ideas are included with your purchase.

How do I add color to Yuck Slime?
After much trial and error and lots of blue, green, and yellow children, (we can’t understand why that was such an issue for their moms!), we offer Yuck Tints! These tablets come in yellow, green, red, and blue.
On the Yuck Tint page, we’ll help you figure out how much you need. You can use food coloring, but it does stain clothes and skin.
I'm not sure which consistency to get, do you offer samples?

Oh yes! We offer a Yuck Slime Sample Pack for free, just pay a little shipping. You will be able to try all 4 types and will receive a teaspoon of each. This will make a small bowlful of each. This way you can also play with mixing them together for a variety of textures.

Is Yuck Slime non-toxic or harmful to the environment?

Yes, Yuck Slime is non-toxic and Mom-approved! We have Manufacturer Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) available for all types. Just give us a shout and we’ll send them over. With the prevalence of allergies, you may get parents who are concerned about their sensitive child. While every case is different as to a child’s reaction, the one thing we have had reported was reactions because of what another kid was wearing personal care products, laundry detergents, and also lawn chemicals or fertilizers that are being brought into the Yuck Slime.

As far as the environment, it is completely biodegradable. But we don’t recommend just leaving it in the playing field for several reasons, it’s slippery and will be until it completely breaks down, if left in piles it will cut off the oxygen to the grass and the grass will die, and last, it takes awhile to break down. (Especially the Saucy. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.)

It’s better to just throw it away.

How long does Yuck Slime last?

A long time! So yes, you can make it the day before and not have any issues with it going away. After your event? Well, if you leave it on the ground it’s going to stay awhile, and if it rains or the area is watered it will stay slimey. I put some around my bushes one fall and with all our Portland rain it was still there the next spring. I recommend throwing it away.

How do I dispose of Yuck Slime?

We recommend throwing it in a dumpster or it can be composted as it will biodegrade. That means city compost, not a home one! Also, you can use salt to break it down. But be careful this doesn’t get into vegetation or sewers.

The best way to clean it up is to shovel it or sweep it. If you have used tarps washing them off with a hose works the best. Remember that wherever the Yuck lands will be slippery for a while, so clean off tarps into tubs for easy dumping.

Can I reuse Yuck Slime?

Yes, you can if it is within a couple days, but once bodies are in it bacteria has been introduced. It can be dried but this involves having a large clean area where it can be spread very thin, and you still have the bacteria issue. Just throw out and get some more!

How can I get Yuck Slime out of my clothes?

First hose off as much as possible. Do not get Yuck Slime in the shower/bath as it will clog the pipes and cause potential damage, especially since Saucy keeps growing (it absorbs water). Dry the clothes and then shake out well outside before laundering. No need to be hyper-vigilant.

When should we make the Yuck Slime if our event is at 7pm? What about hot weather?

If you are using the Chunky Yuck you want to start it 12-24 hours prior to use.

With the SaucySticky, and Snowy you can make them a few hours prior to use.

Hot weather and heat do not affect Yuck Slime for just one day. It is so dense that you will not have any dehydration. But do cover to keep dirt and leaves out.

Is Yuck Slime safe for people with allergies?

First, please check with your doctor or health provider. All of our Yuck Slime is non-toxic, but other people may be wearing something that is an allergy to someone else, i.e. cologne, laundry detergent, etc.  and that gets into the Yuck Slime. Contact us for the MSDS.

Finger Rocket Help

What are Finger Rockets?

Finger Rockets are a foam missile-type toy that has a rubber strap that shoots like a rubber band. While they are loads of fun for families, youth groups, corporations and more, they are also a great relational tool. Throw them into a room full of strangers and the battle begins and walls are broken down.

Do you offer replacement parts for Finger Rockets?
Please email or call us at 1-800-223-6901 for more information. We typically aren’t able to get replacement bands due to the huge minimum they require.
Is there a difference between the Original Finger Rocket and other Finger Projectiles online?
Why yes, there is. I have been selling Finger Rockets for the past 15+ years. A company named IDEO invented them, they also invented other cool things like pump toothpaste dispensers.  Way back then they had glued on fins. We were involved in changing the style to a molded fin and brought them to the market that would really get it. For Buckets-O-Fun I make sure to work with my factory to get the highest quality possible. Customers use them week in and week out and we strive to have the most quality product we can manufacture. You can tell by the price what the quality is.
Where are Finger Rockets made?

They are made in China. During the first few years in business, we had some that were made in the USA and were a great product because the company had a patented method of making them. They won’t tell us what this is, we tried bribing them with a lifetime supply of Yuck Slime, but they wouldn’t budge. Of course, we want them to make more for us, but they pirated that machine for parts for other machines, it would cost $30-40,000 to get it running again. And even if that happened the cost to have it made in the US would make it too expensive for the consumer.

Group Game Help

How do your games promote group and team building?
My experiences working with high school students in various churches for 28-years threw me head long into the game industry. I saw how all the parts of the programs we were running helped Build Relationships, Make Memories and Have Fun! Our unique products attract even the most reticent player to join in because it’s all just a little crazy! We provide lots of game ideas and encourage you to make up your own based on your group and the event theme.
I love all the Game Ideas included, do you offer more?
We update our game sheets from time to time and add new ideas then. We love getting our customer’s ideas to add to these. If you are stumped on an idea for an event please contact us. But we think you and your team will have loads of ideas. And planning late at night can only make the ideas better!

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