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Ready, aim, fire! These silly projectile Finger Rockets can fly up to 100 feet with perfect aim and a quick snap of the rubber band so it’s time to start practicing. Measuring nine inches in length with a stretchy band attached on the front, these Finger Rockets fit perfectly in your hand and are easily seen careening through the air with three aerodynamic fins. The 25-count mixed pack can be used to update your traditional arsenal of group games like tag or dodge ball with a fun twist. We recommend that you invest in a modest foam weapon stockpile so that there’s at least one for everyone when the Finger Rocket war begins!


  • The Original Finger Rocket
  • Easy to use for all abilities
  • Shoots up to 100 feet!
  • Made with Quality Materials
  • Multiple color options available (Red, Blue, Mixed)

Anytime, Anywhere!

  • Youth Group
  • Family reunions
  • Office Cubicle Wars
  • Advertising
  • Field Games
  • Family fun
  • Club events
  • School carnivals
  • Neighborhood events
  • Fraternity/Sorority parties

Finger Rocket Tag: Use a fog machine, strobe lights, cardboard obstacles, and music. Tape the Finger Rockets with white athletic tape (test before to find one that works) to look like tracer bullets. (Plastic goggles may be a good idea for this one!)

Finger Rocket Dodge Ball: No balls, just Finger Rockets flying everywhere. Team members who have been hit can be used as shields. Rotate players in after so many hits on the other team. Make up your own rules and tell us about them.

Beach Ball Boogie: Throw a beach ball in the air and try to keep it up by shooting with Finger Rockets. Play in teams, or individuals. Can also use a balloon.

But most games just degenerate to an all out war, everyone for themselves! Games/instructions come with your order.

Whats the difference between your product and others?

These are the Original Finger Rocket, made with high quality materials for improved performance and durability. Remember, not all Finger Rockets are created equal, there is nothing more disappointing than a Finger Rocket breaking right out of the box.

Do you sell any replacement parts?

We do sell replacement bands for Finger Rockets. However, if they break at the foam, you will need to purchase a new one.

What is Finger Rocket Tape?

Tape your Finger Rockets to improve durability and product life.


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