Rubber Bass Fish Toy

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Rubber Bass Fish Toy

The Rubber Bass Fish Toy is great for all ages! Use in the place of a ball for any game and it changes the tone of the game. Kids love it.

A stuffed latex 14” rubber bass fish toy with hand-painted, soft squishy features. He could replace your teddy bear.

Game Idea:

Flying Fish- Using the Rubber Bass Fish Toy


-Bath towels or pillowcases (one for every 2 players

- Rubber Bass Fish Toy (at least one per player - the more the better)

- Stopwatch

- Large bucket (a large hula hoop will work)

How to play:

Players will work with a partner. Each set of partners will have a

net (bath towels/pillowcase).

Arrange players in pairs so that they are in a line formation

throughout the gymnasium. Use as much of the gym as possible,

as the players will be tossing the fish from net to net following a

predetermined pattern. (See diagram below).

The leader will start the activity by tossing a fish to the first set

of partners (pair #1). Pair #1 must catch the fish in the net and

then toss the fish to the next set of partners. Partner sets

continue to catch and toss the fish until the last set of partners

receives the fish. The last pair of partners must use the net to

toss the fish into a large bucket. Each fish that makes it into the

bucket scores a point. If the fish is dropped at any time, it is out

of the game (the "one that got away" syndrome).

Practice the pattern a few times. After the players understand

the pattern, the instructor will continually toss fish to the first pair

of players. The less time allowed between fish, the more

exciting and challenging the game becomes.

At the end of the game, count the number of fish that have ended

up in the bucket.

Skill and concept practice:

Prior to playing the game, allow the players to work in small

groups of four. They should practice tossing and catching the

rubber fish with the net. Discuss the importance of tracking the

object, moving to the object, and using appropriate force.


Give the players a time limit in which to complete the game.

Arrange the player pairs in a scattered formation so that it is

more difficult to remember the pattern, and toss and catch the

fish. Or, increase the distance between the student pairs.

 Game Idea sheet included with order.