Mammoth 6 Foot Beach Ball

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Mammoth 6 Foot Beach Ball

The Mammoth 6 foot Beach Ball is great fun! Use it in the place of any ball. Try relay races or make up all kinds of fun games. It adds a new element to every game.

Made of vinyl with an attached carrying handle. We recommend it for inside use, or on a grassy area. Avoid areas where there might be sharp edges. We like this ball as it is not as heavy as a Cage Ball. It takes about 45 minutes to fill this ball with an inflator. (Inflators available separately) Not for use on water.

Other game ideas:

Kickball/Softball/Baseball-Use the Mammoth 6 foot Beach Ball in place of the regular ball. Change up the rules a bit to mix things up.

Capture the Ball-Instead of a flag they have to capture the Mammoth 6 foot Beach Ball and bring it back to their base.

Bowling-Instead of pins, use people. With 2 teams have one team be the pins, scattered all over the play area, the other team rolls the ball and tries to hit as many "pins" as possible. Give them so many rolls per team and then switch. The most "pins" hit by the end of the game wins. There's a lot of variations you can do on this. the "pins" can't move, or they can but only by hopping on one foot, or can only move left. Or they could be blindfolded and 1 of their teammates is the watcher and tells them which way to move. ( I might have gotten this idea from Survivor.)


Mammoth Beach Ball