Chunky Yuck Slime

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Chunky Yuck Slime

Chunky Yuck Slime is a gelatin-like slime that needs no refrigeration and is fun for all kinds of games. When dry it looks like rock salt, add water and wait 12 hours and you will have nice chunks ready to go.


3 oz. makes approximately 1.5 gallons
1 pound makes approximately 32 gallons of Yuck, not water. This can vary a little due to the difference in mineral and chlorine content across the country. The purer the water the better hydration.

Contact us if you need help figuring out quantities.

Favorite uses:


  • Jello™ Wrestling-no refrigeration and no sticky mess that draws bees also won't melt on a hot day.
  • Harvest Parties/Carnivals etc.-Fill a kiddy pool with Chunky Yuck and throw in clear marbles and have the kids get them out with their toes or hands. Or throw other small toys for the kids to fish out. One customer said the parents had to come get the kids as they did not want to stop.
  • Yuck Slime Slip-N-Slide Kickball/Softball- Fill pools at the bases with Chunky Yuck, put down plastic in between with Saucy Yuck Slime on them. Play ball!
  • More ideas available on the free games/instructions that comes with your order. And make up your own!


Use our Yuck Tints to color it. Yuck Tints are non-toxic and don’t stain clothes or skin.

All of the Yuck Slime comes in the following quantities: 3 oz., 1 pound, 5 pounds, 25 pounds, and 50 pounds.

 Disposal-Just throw in the dumpster.

*MSDS (Manufacturer Safety Data Sheet) available on request.