Atomic Single Barrel Power Popper -Ages 5-11

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Atomic Single Barrel Power Popper

Power Popper Gun

Power Popper Gun

This single barrel Atomic Power Popper is great fun for kids ages 5-11.



Pump this gun to shoot 12 foam balls in quick succession. Easy Reload. Great indoors and out. Refills available

Home Use: The Atomic Single Barrel Power Popper is great fun for kids to play with in the backyard, with a fort, on vacation, as a family. If these had been around when I was a kid the neighborhood would have been filled with all of us making up new games to use them with.

Group Use: The Atomic Single Barrel Power Popper is a fun addition to your children's programs.

Game ideas: 

Target Practice-Choose 2 teams, each team needs one Atomic Single Barrel Power Popper. For smaller children use hula hoops as the target, older kids can use embroidery hoops or anything like that. One person for each team shoots a ball and hands off the Atomic Single Barrel Power Popper to the person next in line and runs to get their ball and runs to the back of the line. You can have them just go through the balls in the Atomic Single Barrel Power Popper or if you have more players reload.  The team with the most balls through the hula hoop wins.


Gladiator Relays-

Equipment needed: 4 cones, 4 Atomic Power Poppers, Lots of refills.

Divide the group into 2 or 4 teams, depending on the size of the group. Place 4 cones around the area, spaced so people can run around the outside of them. Teams will be doing a variety of relays and will try to get all their members around the course in one minute.  Each team starts from one of the 4 corners. While they are running around the cones they will be fired on by people with Atomic Single Barrel Power Poppers. (We recommend having lots of refills for each shooter) If you are hit, continue around the course to your team line but a hit person does not count for team points. Keep track of members not hit for each round.

Relay ideas: Straight running, Piggy Back Carry, Olympic Carry-2 people carry another, Bear crawl-run on all fours, Pairs-two people locking arms, Triplets-Three people locking arms. And more! Make up your own.


Skeet Chicken-

Equipment needed: Atomic Single Barrel Power Poppers, Rubber Chickens

One person with an Atomic Single Barrel Power Popper yells “Pull” and someone else throws a rubber chicken in the air and they shoot it. Easy enough?