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Welcome to Buckets-O-Fun (BOF), your ultimate destination for everything you need to turn any event into a whirlwind of laughter and unforgettable memories! We have a fun selection of unique products that are perfect for creating memorable events. At BOF, we’re all about making your life easier by providing you with the tools to host fantastic events without the hassle of endless searching.


Our mission at BOF is to not only offer these fantastic products but also to be your creative partner in planning extraordinary experiences for the kids you work with.


Our range of products appeals to a wide age group, spanning from 5 to 95! Whether you’re organizing events in schools, clubs, church groups, or businesses, BOF is here to make your gatherings a resounding success. Just picture the unforgettable memories you’ll create while playing games like Finger Rocket Skeet Chicken with a Rubber Chicken or taking a wild ride down a Slip-n-Slide covered in Saucy Yuck!


We take pride in delivering the highest quality products, and we’re committed to providing you with a treasure trove of creative ideas to make your events truly special. And encourage you to make up your own!


So, whether you’re planning a Field Day or carnival, a youth group event, a camp activity, or a birthday party, Buckets-O-Fun is your partner in creating joy and everlasting memories. Come join the fun and let your imagination run wild with BOF!

What our Happy Clients Say

I purchased the chunky yuk and the sticky(snot-like)yuk. I wanted something different for my church's Fall Festival. We volunteer to do different booths for the kids to do. Our booth was a hit! I filled a child's pool with the chunky yuk and had colorful gems and frogs and caterpillars in it too. The kids competed(blind-folded) on how many gems they could find. When it was time to stop, I had to get parents to get their children, because they didn't want to leave! They were having too much fun!!

Kathy EricksonCustomer

We ordered the Sticky Slime and the Snotty Slime and they even threw in a few samples for us. We used them in our Children's church program for slime day. They were definitely a hit with the kids. Service was excellent, Buckets-O-Fun shipped out the order extremely fast in order to meet my needs.

Jeff SowersCustomer

We mixed Saucy and Chunky Yuck together and made an awesome slime! We put little prizes in the bottom of the slime for kids to fish for at the end of a relay race. Lots of "Ews" and "Yucks"! It was awesome!


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