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Buckets-O-Fun (BOF) is a one stop shopping with unique products for the creation of fun filled social and recreational events. BOF has brought together all of the products needed, saving you the time, energy, expense and frustration of searching. The goal of BOF is not only bringing these great products to you, but our customer service is readily available to provide creative ideas on how to use them most effectively.

These products appeal to all ages from 5 to 95. Functions in schools, clubs, church groups, organizations, parties of all types including businesses will be more successful with BOF. Can you imagine the great memories that will be created playing Skeet Chicken with a Rubber Chicken or sliding down a Slip-n-Slide covered in Saucy Yuck? Our highest quality products along with a variety of creative ideas for their use will please you for many events now and in the future. As the market expands BOF will be in the forefront. Other products may come and go but BOF will expand utilizing the basics as a foundation.

Can’t find something? Have an idea for a product? Let us know! sheri@buckets-o-fun.com

About Sheri Elmont

I have worked with high schoolers for 27+ years. After several years selling recreational products, I launched my own company, Buckets-O-Fun. I want to be able to provide excellent customer service along with unique products that will enhance whatever events you are doing. My experiences remind me that the fun and meaningful memories from an event bond people and help build relationships.

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